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Dambudzo Marechera, author of The House of Hunger (1978)

Dambudzo Marechera, author of The House of Hunger (1978)

Jan 7 2014


Ah, yes; Jon Gynt was well known for a waster,
so long as he’d aught left in wallet or purse.
But Master, you see, he is thrifty, he is;
and that is why he’s so well-to-do.
He flings nothing away as entirely worthless
that can be made use of as raw material.
Now, you were designed for a shining button
on the vest of the world; but your loop gave way;
so into the waste-box you needs must go,
and then, as they phrase it, be merged in the mass.

Henrik Ibsen - Peer Gynt (1875)
Dec 18 2013
snowce: Egon Schiele

snowce: Egon Schiele

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Nov 3 2013

wetheurban:ART: X-Ray and Anatomical Stained Glass Windows by Wim Delvoye. In his ongoing series of Gothic works, initiated in 1999, Belgian artist, Wim Delvoye, created some very unusual stained-glass windows and sculptural works made of steel, lead, glass and actual x-rays.

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Glass Candy - Beautiful Object 

Sep 13 2013
aspirations of the unemployed (me)

aspirations of the unemployed (me)

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