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"De casibus-Du cas des nobles hommes et femmes" by the Boucicaut Master, c. 1413 -15 France

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Photographing the Beauty and Inhumanity of Asia’s Cramped Megacities

Michael Wolf takes photos of the masses of people who live on top of one another in Asia’s biggest cities and who struggle to survive in environments that weren’t built with their comfort in mind.

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May 24 2014

Jungle - Busy Earnin’

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Dambudzo Marechera, author of The House of Hunger (1978)

Dambudzo Marechera, author of The House of Hunger (1978)

Jan 7 2014


Ah, yes; Jon Gynt was well known for a waster,
so long as he’d aught left in wallet or purse.
But Master, you see, he is thrifty, he is;
and that is why he’s so well-to-do.
He flings nothing away as entirely worthless
that can be made use of as raw material.
Now, you were designed for a shining button
on the vest of the world; but your loop gave way;
so into the waste-box you needs must go,
and then, as they phrase it, be merged in the mass.

Henrik Ibsen - Peer Gynt (1875)
Dec 18 2013
snowce: Egon Schiele

snowce: Egon Schiele

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